Synapse is a drone courier service providing fast and reliable delivery services for both low and high priority items between users. 
Synapse provides people with the solution of sending receiving items quickly and safely within the same day.
Our app benefits not only those that want to borrow and receive everyday items from each other quickly and easily, but it also impacts the medical world where high priority supplies can be delivered quickly during emergencies. 
It also becomes useful for disaster relief since the drones can avoid ground traffic. 
Emergency or not, Synapse will provide the speed and reliability that is not found elsewhere. 
The services provided are also affordable for everyone, much like services of other courier companies.

Gibeom Lee: Information Architecture & product design
Michelle Zhang: Documentation & Project Management
Hefei Han: Drone Design​​​​​​​
AJ Sakyi-Addo: Branding

​​​​​​​Our app is geared towards anyone with the knowledge of how to operate basic technology. We want our target audience to be those that are interested in trying out new and innovative technology that may enhance lifestyles. Our audience should value time and reliability since our service would aid to reduce the time wasted on delivering items.
Competitor Research
Our service will be an innovative take some of the more current courier services. Our main competitors are the major delivery companies such as USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL. Other competitors would be those that are already developing similar types of package transportation systems.
Starship Technology
Starship Technology is the startup currently developing and producing Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that can deliver foods and packages.
Matternet is currently working on a drone delivery system which enables people to deliver packages such as medical supplies from the landing stand located in multiple places.
Amazon is a leading e-commerce company and is one of the largest internet retailers in the world. Amazon offers a wide range of products and has become a dominant force in the retail/e-commerce industry. Amazon is currently working on projects such as drone delivery and blimp warehouses.
Workflow Design
Product screens
User testing
In order to validate the design, we conducted user test with eye tracking device and collected user's performance data.
Task 1: 26 s
Task 2: 20 s
Task 3: 14 s
Task 4: 17 s
Task 5: 44 s
Total Time: 2:01​​​​​​​
Task 1: 13 s
Task 2: 4 s
Task 3: 28 s
Total Time: 45 s

Task 1: 18 s
Task 2: 19 s
Task 3: 13 s
Task 4: 13 s 
Task 5: 42 s
Total Time: 1:45 ​​​​​​​
Task 1: 10 s
Task 2: 3 s
Task 3: 34 s
Total Time: 47 s

Task 1: 19 s
Task 2: 23 s
Task 3: 17 s
Task 4: 25 s
Task 5: 56 s
Total Time: 2:20​​​​​​​
Task 1: 12 s
Task 2: 2 s
Task 3: 20 s
Total Time: 34 s
Test results​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Average times for sender tasks:
Task 1: 21 s
Task 2: 21 s
Task 3: 15 s
Task 4: 18 s
Task 5: 47 s

Total Average Time: 2:02
Average times for receiver tasks:
Task 1: 12 s
Task 2: 3 s
Task 3: 37 s

Total Average Time: 52 s

Several drones were researched to understand more about its basic structure. Based on loading methods, four concepts were created and one was selected to be the mock-up. (This was done by different student)

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