Hello, my name is Gi and I am a product designer with 2 years of experience designing from a B2B police application SaaS product in a large organization with an agile process to a water cleaning drone management app at a small startup. 
During my product design internship at Axon, I designed an in-car CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system's notification framework which assures police officers and others safety by updating officers with crucial information. I researched police officers as users and discovered their constraints and pain points and incorporated the findings into the design decisions to create solutions by taking a user-centered design approach. I also became proficient in working in an agile environment by conducting multiple tests and iterations to develop an MVP product as collaborating with multiple roles.

After Axon, I continued to solve imperative problems by reaching out and interviewing local firefighters and commanding officers to design an Augmented Reality and voice interaction interface that could help firefighters to save lives more safely by alleviating their pain points. As my graduation project, I designed a public safety drone dispatch system that aims to save 380,000 lives yearly in the US alone by delivering AED and Narcan with drones.

But what differentiates me from other designers is my ability to see a product design in a bigger picture. I worked at multiple small startups with a low budget. In order to design a valuable product while dealing with resource constraints, I took a "value-centered design" approach which makes me not only consider users but also to consider the business's goal and development cost.