Hello, my name is Gi and I am a UX designer at Seegrid, designing interfaces and experiences for AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

Previously, I was a UI/UX designer at Smith & Nephew, and designed interfaces for the surgical robotic system, surgery planning software, and other medical products for orthopedic and sports medicine surgeries.

Before Smith & Nephew, I did a product design internship at Axon. At Axon, I designed an in-car CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system's notification framework which assures police officers and others' safety by updating officers with crucial information.

Between Smith & Nephew and Axon, I worked with multiple robotics and IoT startups including Remora Robotics, where I designed a drone management app for water cleaning drones, and Boundless Robotics, where I designed an indoor plant growing device management app.