In January of 2020, Remora Robotics asked me to design a drone asset management mobile app. Remora Robotics is an ambitious startup developing water-cleaning drone technology. In early 2020, Remora Robotics entered the "Auburn Tiger Cage startup competition." 
So the interface was supposed to be not only functional but also needed a great visual to impress judges. This is why I employed the Neumorphism style to create an outstanding visual and combined it with flat design style icons and typographies to also keep interface functional and accessible. 
Since the interface had to be designed within a short period of time with a goal of winning a startup competition, this project was solely focused on visual design, thus research and testing were not part of this project. 
Nothing Special here...
The map tab displays a satellite image of a predesignated drone operation area and drones' current locations and battery percentages and status. Users can manually deploy and undeploy drones by using a deploy button at the bottom. Also, users can view a drone's detailed status by tapping a drone's name.
Drone Details 
The drone Details page can be accessed by tapping the drone's name from the map or Dashboard. It displays detailed information about the drone's activity and status including:
• Model type and designated name
• Battery level
• Charging/deployment status
• Area cleaned by the drone today
• Amount of trash collected by the drone
• Drone's cleaning duration
Schedule tab allows users to designate the day and time for drones to automatically deployed to collect trashes. This allows users to deploy drones at the time with the least amount of boat traffic.
Notification tab displays all notifications that the user recently received. The system sends out a push notification when users' action is needed, such as when the trash needs to be emptied or drone is malfunctioning. Push notifications are colored in orange or red base on its severity.
Dashboard tab displays overall information of all drones' activity including:
• Total area cleaned today
• Total amount of trash collected today
• Today's total cleaning duration
• List of drones and its status + deploy button (same as map)
App walkthrough video

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